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Executive Director Ohio Gun Owners - Chris Dorr
Executive Director Cleveland Right to Life - Kate Makra

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Why vote Stock for SCC?

  I will represent your conservative values and always place the best interest of the people above the interests of politicians and special interest groups. Look at my track record. I am a fighter of individual liberties, namely medical freedom, and I hold to the Pro God, Pro Gun, Pro Life values that many leaders in our party have forgotten….I will be YOUR VOICE on State Central Committee.

As president of Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom (OAMF), I have over 8 years of involvement within the political realm and have first hand experience with the ins and outs of dirty politics, smoke and mirrors legislation and backdoor deals being made by politicians claiming to stand for our constitutional freedoms and then selling us out with their vote.

I do not believe in backdoor deals or silent voting. Nor do I believe in endorsing establishment republicans who have turned their backs on their constituents. I believe in endorsing conservative Patriots who uphold the Ohio and United States Constitutions and fight to protect our liberties. If elected, I will push for open roll call voting that enables you to see whether or not your representation in the Republican Party is voting on your behalf.  I will not support primary endorsements that prop up establishment politicians and harm the grassroots candidates who want to make positive changes in government rather than making a career out of politics.

If you want someone of integrity and strength representing you within the Republican Party, that will not cave to the establishment, prioritizes principles with regards to policies, and has a proven track record of holding politicians accountable, then I ask you to cast your vote for Stephanie Stock on March 19th. Together we can put the Red back in Republican!

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Twitter: @OAMFstephanie 

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